Breastfeeding Success

How do you prepare for Breastfeeding?


There is a lot of things you can do Prenatally to be successful in Breastfeeding. 

Step one

Did you know that your determination is a key component to how well you will traverse the challenges of breastfeeding?  


remember Yoda, answer yes I'm going to breastfeed.

remember Yoda, answer yes I'm going to breastfeed.

 Step two

One key tip is to educate yourself.  A breastfeeding class can help you understand how this breast and baby latching thing works.  Also the teacher of the class can answer questions you may have.  You can find free breastfeeding classes at Women Infant and Children supplemental nutrition program or WIC.  Even if you aren't eligible for WIC.  Hospitals and birth centers also have Breastfeeding classes.  Some Home visiting International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or IBCLC teach private classes which are great for busy families or situations that may be very individual.  A simple web search or Facebook search should help you find what is available in your area.  

Step three

The next step is finding out your resources for help after the baby is born.  There are a lot of groups to help new mom's with breastfeeding.  I went to La Leche League while pregnant.  It was a wonderful place to watch other women breastfeed.  As a WIC peer counselor I also was able to facilitate groups.  Reach out to friends who are breastfeeding and ask what groups they found helpful.  Attending a Breastfeeding or moms group prenatally will help you gather friends for after you have the baby. 

Family and partner support is also helpful.  Your partner or support people could also benefit from the breastfeeding class. 

Call IBCLCs prenatally to find a good fit.  Ask friends and family who they used for some great recommendations.  Some times the best support post partum is in your own home.  Research and save for a home visit by your local IBCLC.  The best time to call an IBCLC is at the first sign of trouble. Even better if you spoke to them prenatally. Save phone numbers for support in you and your support person or partner's phone.

 Step four

The baby is here.  The best way to getting off to a great start with breastfeeding is skin to skin.  You naked from the waste up and baby just in a diaper.  This helps both of you get to your instincts and is where your baby naturally wants to be.

Ask for help at the first sign of pain or stress.  Dr Google is not your friend.  A peer supporters and or an IBCLC can help you make sense of the noise in your search returns.

The worst thing as a professional helping families breastfeed is when they wait till a problem is huge before getting help.  Sometimes by the time I see a family there long term milk supply is permanently compromised.  The sooner you get help the better

Follow these steps prenatally for breastfeeding success