My favorite videos on Youtube for my clients

This is you on you tube. Searching for videos to help you feed your baby.

you on dr google

Information over load from Dr. Google can be intense.

There is so much information out there how do you know what to follow or go with.  I am going to share a two videos that I show my clients.  I'll also explain what I like about each video and possibly what I don't like about it.  

First Ameda Latch On

Why i like this video:  It has an awesome animation of where your nipple should fall in your baby's mouth.  It also shows a very mom directed latch cross cradle.  The most helpful part of this video is the animation.  Second is watching a baby latch.  It is short and sweet too.  This is best to watch prenatally

What don't like about it 'is that who has perfect perky breasts.  Also that it only really shows one position.  Third its from a pump manufacturer.  

Pace-feeding the Breastfed Baby

I like that it is so straight forward.  I like that it gives you the option to either drop the nipple down or remove the bottle nipple from the baby's mouth.  I dislike that it isn't an actual baby actually taking a pace-fed bottle

I plan on doing my own videos and adding more great videos for you. 

Hope this cuts down on a little clutter